Meant to be.

Posted on June 17, 2014 by Annie Etheridge

You know how it is; you go to bed for the night and you lie there, wide awake, your mind astir. That’s what happened to me exactly one year ago. Night after night I went to bed thinking about starting something of my own. I had biscuits on the brain!

I had searched high and low all throughout New York City and I just couldn’t find the biscuit that I had eaten as a child in Virginia, and so…I set out to make it happen. After a year of hard work and planning, Field & Clover is here.

The other day, right after a powerful storm, the sun had come out, and there was a beautiful rainbow stretching across the sky. I decided to take a little walk. I was strolling along a small path and just happened to look down, I have no idea why, but right there, right in my sight, was this.

What a day. Field & Clover. Meant to be.